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8 of 14 isn’t bad, but…

Henry, over at wrote a post today titled 14 of the Most Useful Web Design Blogs. Although he forgot to include his own blog in that list, has 8 of those 14 blogs in our inventory.  If we were to look at how useful these blogs are by virtue of the number of ads sold in relation to how long they have been BSA publishers you would also find that these are definitely high quality blogs.  Ads sold = good pricing + demand + good click-through rate + publishers putting quality content out there.

3 Responses to “8 of 14 isn’t bad, but…”

  1. I was afraid that listing my own blog would have been taking shameless self promotion way too far :).

  2. I know that this article is not related to my question, but I was wondering if there was any way that buysellads could blog about their status?

    I know that I have seen a few updates here and there, however some status updates in regards to the development of the site/system would be both interesting and informative. I know that it might help settle some of my questions, and keep the community using the service…

  3. toddynho August 14, 2008

    Hi Anthony,

    Fair question. I will write a post soon outlining our plans for the future ;)


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