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GetClicky: Is our savior?

Sean @ GetClicky installed our ad code on his site late Monday night.  By the time he woke up the next morning he had already sold 4 ads.  Wow.  And, at the time of this post he’s now sold 5.  You can read his full review of BSA.  Here are the highlights:

  • He was previously using Rubicon Project and then tried out Project Wonderful
  • Rubicon Project still owes him money :(
  • Project Wonderful was OK, but probably not the best fit for his site. 24 hours later, he’s going to make four times as much with (one month) as he did with PW.
  • He likes the fact that we let publishers cash out whenever they want
  • The fact that we’re built on top of Amazon Web Services gives him a good vibe and sense of security (i.e. his ads have an extremely low chance of being down).

It’s great to have a nice review like this from one of our biggest publishers.  If you’re not already using GetClicky, you should.  It’s free web analytics tool way better than Google Analytics.

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