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Selling Ad Space: Tips from Top Design Blog Owners via

  • November 3rd, 2009

Chris over at (also of put together a nice interview with a bunch of the top design related bloggers “Selling Ad Space: Tips from Top Design Blog Owners“. Many top bloggers from the BSA network were included in this post: Collis Ta’eed / Skellie of Tuts+, Jacob Gube of, Henry Jones of, Fabio Sasso of, Grant Friedman of, Steven Snell of &, Joost de Valk of, Tom Ross of, Shawn Rubel of &, Franz Jeitz of, Chris Coyier of, David Leggett of, and of course Chris Spooner of

I wanted reiterate some of the common threads found among these publishers:

They do it right.

Check out any of the blogs interviewed and you will find nothing but quality content. Literally, you could spend many days on their websites going through quality post after quality post. That is what makes them successful, they produce quality content that people want and they’re really good at it.

Each site is VERY well designed and original.

These are, arguably, some of the best designed blogs in our network. They are all original, and portray a unique sense of professionalism – just by looking at them you can trust the content.

All of these bloggers focus on what they do best, producing content.

Yes, all of the publishers interviewed in this article use us here at BSA. That isn’t what is important, what is important is that they are not dealing with it on their own. Instead, they focus on what they do best – producing quality content and building community.

None of these site started selling ads until they had proven themselves.

By the time they started selling ads they had already established themselves as quality sites. They already had plenty of quality posts, loyal readers, and a decent amount of traffic before they started to monetize it.

If you are looking to make some cash from your site, do what these guys do. They work very hard at producing quality content, and they do it right.