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Stuff you should know about the new version #1

  • April 20th, 2009

When you receive money as a publisher it is held in a “pending” state for the first 72 hours.

All this means is that you will not see this amount reflected in your account balance and you will not be able to cashout this amount nor pay for ads with it (with the new pay with accont balance feature) until after the 72 period has passed.  Each hour we check for payments that should be released and if it has been 72 hours we release them.  Why?  It’s a necessary check and balance type system to help us prevent abuse.  We are the only ad network to release funds to publishers this early and we felt like waiting 3 days vs. our original 0 days isn’t asking that much.

You can pay for ads with money from your BSA account.

Many of our publishers also do some advertising, so this is a way for us to help keep things simple.  When you go to checkout you will see an option to pay via “Account Balance”.  In addition to being able to pay with Account Balance, we have also added the ability to “Deposit Funds” into your BSA account and you can then use those funds to buy ads.  This was necessary to help us get around a PayPal issue (gosh aren’t there always PayPal issues) where you need a credit card backing your account in order to subscribe to a subscription.  It’s also a nice way for advertisers to upload a single amount of money into their BSA account at the beginning of the month and then draw from that balance for ads (whcih means one transaction for your accountant to worry about vs. various).

Publisher Dashboard > Details

Publishers can now see stats on how their advertisers ads are performing.  You can find this view by going to Publishers > Dashboard and then next to your site title clicking on the view details link.  We do plan to incorporate an aggregate graph and view of some stats on the actual dashboard.  There are more improvements to come on this page.


This is just the first step of the iteration process.  We have a lot more that we’re working on right now and this was just our first “push” of new stuff.  There is definitely more to come.  If you have feedback about anything, please use the support form on the site: