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Introducing BSA Private Label

When we first started BSA we knew absolutely nothing about building an ad network. Heck, we didn’t even know that we were an ad network – we were just trying to simplify the process of buying and selling ads. In many ways we like to think of ourselves as a software company and not an ad network. Many many people have been quick to tell us that there’s no value in our software – it’s reproducible, easy to build, not patentable, yadda yadda yadda – we’ve heard it all. We disagree.

We are proud to announce today that we are now licensing our software to other entrepreneurs and companies who want to build their own ad network. We’re dubbing this “BSA Private Label”, enabling people to build vertical ad networks using the same software that powers Nothing else like this exists. It’s a big deal.

Why we’re doing this

Quite simply, we’re doing this because we were tired of saying “no” to all of the people who were asking us to license our software, and we also think it’s a really good idea. Even though is a very generic name, we’re still focused on tech related websites — it’s where we belong, it’s part of our own personal culture, we like this type of stuff. Vertical ad networks are where website publishers find a home and where advertisers connect with very specific audiences. Vertical ad networks are communities. We strongly believe that what makes a vertical ad network successful is the subject-mater expertise of that network. BSA Private Label will empower those with that same passion that has made BSA successful to build their own vertical network.

Our first partner: Beacon Ads

We’re not just announcing that we’re “planning” to do this. We’re doing it, right now. Our first BSA Private Label partner is Beacon Ads, an ad network focused on the Christian space. They are live, and selling ads. Go over to their site and check it out. We decided to partner with Beacon Ads as our first partner for a few reasons:

  • They already had an ad network up and running, and so we knew they liked the ad business and that they were good at it.
  • They care about design. We don’t want any of our Private Label ad networks to look like crap.
  • They seemed like fun people to work with (turns out our assumptions are true).
  • We believe that by having BSA software powering Beacon Ads that they will become the #1 ad network in the Christian space, very quickly.

These are the types of partners we’re looking for with our Private Label product. If this is you, get in touch.

Additional details

You can check out more info about the Private Label product here: If you think you have what it takes to start and build an ad network or if you are currently running an ad network that’s hacked together and are looking for an upgrade, get in touch. We’re happy to start a conversation.

UPDATE: Thanks to Adotas for posting the news:

UPDATE (July, 2012): We’re receiving a high interest in the private label and we’re grateful for that. However we’ve decided to focus more on the core of BuySellAds and we’re not doing any other private labels right now. We’ll be following-up with a new update when the time is right to re-open submissions for private labels.

17 Responses to “Introducing BSA Private Label”

  1. That sounds awesome! I have been thinking about an ad network, but I think it is still out of budget (with a setup fee of $10,000). I wonder what the payback would be. Any thoughts?



  2. We’re interested… please get in touch :)

  3. Very interested, have mailed but awaiting answer!

  4. Scott Fu June 29, 2010

    Hate to be the spelling nazi but you may want to change “Mange your entire business” to “Manage your entire business” on the private label page.

  5. I think to create an ad network like BSA with Private Label in Turkey but first i have to find sponsor(s) to charge the setup fee.

  6. I missed this update actually. It is awesome for small business which want to deploy its own ad network

  7. Timothy Jr December 19, 2011

    This would be an excellent product for me to consider, yet the $25,000 setup fee kinda knocked it out of the playing field.

    Would Buysellads be willing to take a bigger percentage of the overall earnings per month untill the setup fees have been paid in full?

    • John Lee January 19, 2012

      i think the $25,000 setup fee is negotiable. Do you happen to know if we would have controll over the code (host it on our own servers)? im also interested in BSA PL but i need a few features added and customized

  8. Very interested, have mailed but awaiting answer from buysellads.

  9. I am interested as well …contacting right away now

  10. nice very good….i like .to…contacting….


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