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New Feature: A/B Testing

We have released a new version of the BSA app this morning.  Included in this release is an important new feature, A/B Testing.  The addition of this feature will allow advertisers to get more value from their placements and help publishers increase retention rates, it’s a win-win.  Advertisers now have an easy way to optimize placements and test out new creative’s and offerings.  Publishers can now provide advertisers additional incentive to advertise on their site through – a feature most direct ad systems like do not have.

Advertisers – here’s how you can get started with A/B testing:

1. Go to the Advertiser Dashboard, select a placement you would like to upload alternate creative’s for:


2. Under the graph, you will see all of the creative units you have for the placement (you should only see 1 there if you have not yet added an alternate creative).  Click on the “Add New” button:

3. All you need to do now is add the alternate creative, save it, and you are all set.  The ads will still go through the normal ad approval process and will go live once approved.  Once you have had an alternate creative running you will see the stats for each on the ad detail page.  You can add as many alternate creative’s as necessary.

4. Once you have had a chance to track performance of the alternate creative, you can pause and/or unpause the ads at any time:


The current release of A/B testing rotates the ads you have running for each placement evenly.  We will add an auto-optimize feature in the next release.

We hope you enjoy, if you have questions or feedback about this new feature we encourage you to leave a comment below or contact us directly at

15 Responses to “New Feature: A/B Testing”

  1. That is just fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Nice addition Todd. It definitely should be a win-win.

  3. This very cool Feature Well Done Guys

  4. Great new feature. I would suggest also maybe in the future let publishers set up default ads for ad spots that are not sold.

  5. This is unique feature, im waiting for advertiser to come :D

  6. Great job Todd! This is jump forward for us at Pixmac. Keep up the great work…

  7. Hello–

    The A/B testing is fantastic. In a short time I saw very clearly one ad creative was getting more than double the clicks of the original.

    Question: How can I delete, not just pause, creative I no longer want to use? I’d like to clean up my board.

    Thanks again for your service.


  8. This is really cool feature to have. A/B testing will help advertisers get maximum return off their spending. And from Publisher prospective, they will have long term ad buyers.

  9. This is a great feature, from buyers point of view this a really handy thing to test multiple creatives and to get the maximum ROI.

  10. That sounds really cool I can’t wait to get my feet wet with your network and hit the ground running,you guys have managed to make everything so easy to follow on here!

  11. This is unique feature, im waiting for advertiser to come :D


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