New Gal, New Guy, and New Digs

It’s been an exciting week at BSA. Angela and Greg have both started this week and we have moved into a new office (same building, just a bigger office).

The New Gal

Angela has been a BSA publisher since 05/25/08 @ 6:09:00pm – yeah , user id 884, one of the first BSA users. Her website is She is joining us from InSite Interactive. Angela is a devigner (designer/developer) with solid CSS skills, and you will be seeing her friendly face in BSA support.

The New Guy

Greg is a software engineer joining us from Raytheon. Prior to joining Raytheon, Greg studied at Carnegie Mellon University where he earned his Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In his free time, Greg has managed to develop some interesting RapidWeaver plugins and will be using his knowledge of Objective-C to help us move forward with our Mac, iPhone, and iPad initiatives. You will be seing his friendly face in BSA support while he gets up to speed on all things BSA.

The New Digs

My apologies for the low-quality pictures, but we didn’t have time for a professional photo shoot… just some quick shots. We don’t have much up on the walls yet, so we will post more pictures when we have more time to decorate. Please allow me to take you on the grand tour (don’t blink):

The sign

The kitchen, always stocked

The office

The conference room

A big thanks to the folks at CIC who have made this new office space super super nice.

  • Martin LeBlanc

    Great to see BuySellAds is growing! I’m a bit jealous on your new office :-)

    • Todd Garland

      if you are ever in Boston and need a desk to crash at for a few days let us know!

      • Shawn Rubel

        I’ll take you up on that :) SWEET office man. Congrats!

        • Todd Garland


  • James Costa

    Can’t wait to be visiting you guys later this year! :-)

    • Todd Garland

      likewise :)

  • Angela

    And I’m so glad to be a part of such an awesome team. I have been loving every minute of it since I started. :)

    Thanks Todd!

  • Waqas

    Awesome, congratulations Todd :)

  • Asker


    You’re making tons of $$$ is it?

    GoodLuck for your future.

    • Todd Garland

      don’t let our appearance fool you! We’re in shared office space, and we’re a distributed team with only 2 BSA’ers at the HQ shown here in the pictures. we’re still a very small and scrappy setup :)

      • Klodian

        Todd, You deserve it at all. Will visit at office someday :)
        Congratulation guys, keep up the hard work.

  • Yoosuf

    nice office setup simple and elegant, wish to be an employee of B&S

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Ahh..It’s so nice to see that one of my fav advertising platform is growing. Welcome new members and nice office… :)

  • David

    Congrats on the move! The shirts appear to have multiplied…

  • SEOSkipper

    Happy to see your New Office BSA, i Liked the kitchen…!! :P

  • TechZoomIn

    Great move :) Best of luck. Allow us to join your team in the long run :)

  • Nipon Bharali

    nice to see you in a new office.

  • Phil

    Congrats on the new office you must be proud, must say i approve of the bananas