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PlusConf: How to Start a Company When You Have a Full-Time Job

Todd talks at PlusConf about how he started and gives you great advice on how to launch your startup while you have a job. Find out how much money he used to start the company, when he decided to leave his full-time job, how he handled challenges and how he began to grow his company – and find out who his biggest enemy was during the first year of his startup. (You may be surprised.) As a bonus, you will also find out what kind of luxurious vehicle he drives and how deciding to stop working from his home and into an office kept him from losing his mind. ;)

The best advice of all in this video: Stop wasting time and get started on your dream.

Here are the slides from the presentation:

6 Responses to “PlusConf: How to Start a Company When You Have a Full-Time Job”

  1. You was amazing, Keep up the good work with BSA.


  2. Great video Todd, very inspiring.

  3. i really enjoyed this video, Todd. Very inspiring and its just awesome to hear your story and your views on starting a business, coming from a guy who never started one prior to it. Fantastic video. Thanks for everything.

  4. Todd, excellent presentation! Do you have your slides anyway?

  5. Great job Todd! I really enjoyed it!


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