YOU built the hive, now let’s make the honey!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re glad to introduce our latest video and our first single featuring “the pros at BSA”.
No, we haven’t changed direction, we’re still into ads, but we took the two year anniversary party to a new level and (after launching the asynchronous ad code and introducing the Image + Text ad format) we ended up with a track and now a video featuring a couple of BSA publishers in a cameo appearance. So dance, buy, sing, sell, enjoy! Lyrics and the original professionally mastered mp3 after the video for karaoke enthusiasts!

The track is composed and produced by our friend Mason Page from

The Music Video

View the video on YouTube

The Lyrics
The site where ya go
When ya wanna make your business grow
Like an oak,
I’m not blowin smoke!
This is not a test, OR a QUIZ,
Or a clever little joke
To HELP you make money
YOU built the hive
Now let’s make the honey!
BSA , we just turned two
Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to you!

When ya need to advertise it
Place your brand just right
Cuz they do business right

When you want to publish ad space
This might sound cliche
But no one does ads better
Than the pros at BSA

Hey we’re proven,
Read the testimonials on the site,
Accolades, for business done right
Cuz we’re ethical, Mason push
Decibel, a company’s values…
Should be more than theoretical
Hey its not biomedical
We’re only here
To keep your cash flow plentiful
We keep it simple
We focus on support
And customer care aint a last resort

When ya need to advertise it
Place your brand just right
Cuz they do business right

When you want to publish ad space
This might sound cliche
But no one does ads better
Than the pros at BSA!

The Professionally Mastered MP3


  • Shawn Rubel


  • piervix

    Terrific, I’m amazed!

  • Sean Allen

    Well Done! Congrats!

  • Daniel

    This is genius! Excellent work!


    Amazing, guys!

  • David

    Great stuff -

    Should be more than theoretical
    Hey its not biomedica

    ..made me laugh!

  • GCSkye

    Haha very nice. Just need a short version for Tv.

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  • julio

    one word awesome!

  • Hongkiat

    Simply amazing. You guys should share the song mp3 as well :-)

    And thanks for including

    • Hongkiat

      Oh I did not realize the mp3 was at the end of the page. My bad.

  • Noura Yehia

    What a brilliant idea Todd, loved it. Completely amazing :)

  • Kit

    I hate to disagree but that is just awful. Sounds like a rap song written for a computer game by a bunch of nobodies. Lyrics are coherent but the flow is forced over a beat that would sound at home on some europop. I realise it should be funny but its just so bad it isnt.

    • Todd Garland

      Thanks for the feedback Kit. We are a bunch on nobodies (really). I love the song, personally, I think Mason did a great job… but I’m DEFINITELY biased :)

    • Louis

      Kit, it’s a rap song written for an online ad company! What did you expect?! :)

      I was honestly shocked at how catchy and well done it was, even though I don’t care for rap music at all.

      I think it’s great, just for the fact that it’s something different you wouldn’t expect from a company like BSA.

    • Rob


      With all due respect, this isn’t the VH1 or BET Awards. Chill out.

      I liked it for what it was. Well done. :-)

  • Mike

    So cheesy, I love it!

  • Jean-Paul Horn

    Ha ha, love the vid and the song. Happy 2nd birthday guys, hope you’re here to stay much longer! Thanks for making advertising easy for us and for our clients.

  • Lucas Cobb Design

    This was classic. Congrats on the 2 year mark BSA. Keep on rockin it out this year.

  • Benjamin Wulff

    This is just amazing!!! I downloaded the .mp3 and listening to it on loop :D
    Normally i’m not that into rap but wow, this song changed my mind…

    Exceptionally well done!

  • Dimi

    Too Cool!

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  • jo

    Congratulations the 2year anniversary and thanks for providing a great service!

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  • rhymebaron

    Hey, Kit! I hate to say it but it’s probably true:
    This BSA rap song is probably not dirty enough for you.
    You probably want some sex in it, maybe a little crime;
    Something to cheapen it; a little grease and grime.
    Well, thank heavens, BSA is obviously above that kind of fray;
    Their goals are fun and happiness, I’m glad to say.
    They don’t wallow in the mud and promote the shame
    That’s given rap music such a dirty name.
    And neither does Mason. In fact, he’s trying to re-create
    The rap of the early nineties when rap was really great;
    And to those of you who disagree, you’re free to move along.
    Nobody needs you listening to the song!!

    • Todd Garland

      Haha! I think this is the best comment on a blog in the history of blog commenting. Wow, got a good laugh out of this :)

    • Volverene Evo

      Hahahahahahahahaha I agree with you Rhymebaron and Todd =D


    cool ;)

  • Kinect

    Congrats on your 2nd. You guys are creative!

  • Volverene Evo

    Amazing! I NEVER ever heard a Rap Music Video of any digital advertising company before. I must say the rap is fantastic and I’d probably hear this song all day long or more – Really I’m addicted! I wish I’d have a career in BSA…You guys are amazing!

  • Ping Beckstrand

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  • Vitaliy

    Well guys – This is really cool!
    I am very impressed.

    I wish you only the best!


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    Wow this really takes me back, i’ve been thinking about this subject for a while.

  • Marc – Games fo Kinect

    That was cool.

  • Photoshop Brushes

    haha, this was great, I liked it alot!

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