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The App Option: Does Your Business Need One?

With all the talk of iPad and other mobile devices that use apps, many companies are asking, “Should we get in on this?” But not all businesses benefit from developing an app. For some, a well-designed mobile website can be just as effective. Find out what companies should consider before getting a piece of the app market in the infographic below.

47 Responses to “The App Option: Does Your Business Need One?”

  1. Vignesh May 11, 2011

    Where is this data sourced from, I think this is not in alignment with many other researches on the net

  2. The infographic is helpful to decide to go or not with an app for smartphones.

  3. Omg this is beautiful!

  4. thanx joshua, it was a very good info graphic representation, of what could be the probabilities and possibilities

  5. too much options usually get yourself confused.


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