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The Daily Deal Divide

Consumers are loving daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social. They’re subscribing to several sites and are constantly checking their e-mail for the latest deal. But merchants aren’t so keen on the services. Many report lukewarm response after hosting a deal on one of these sites. So what gives? We take a look in the infographic below.

29 Responses to “The Daily Deal Divide”

  1. Our email boxes at have grown large of spam from many of these daily deal sites. Wish they were not as pushy. We would offer our services of custom business cards if they didn’t take so much commission after the deal.

  2. I agree that there are too many emails, i have signed up to most of the deal sites but have yet to purchase any, should unsubscribe really.

  3. The revenues from local businesses would be better supporting those merchants they were from a local business. The daily deal divide has a lot to do with who is structuring these offers and their true understanding of the business they are working with. With the service being such a powerful tool to grow a customer base and with the financial risk only on the upside during each individual campaign there is room for better risk management from daily deal service providers who should be more concerned with supporting the pace of growth a local business owner is seeking from their offering, rather than their multi-billion dollar corporate incentives to bring in massive amounts of revenue per deal.

    Sometimes it’s better to sell less vouchers as a merchant at a more conservative value, while still making the offer appealing to consumers. Both consumers, merchants, and daily deal service providers can win! It’s all about BALANCE.

  4. Nice infographic!

  5. Daily Deals are too tempting to resist,but with so many offers everywhere,the downside is are we getting the service that we deserve? Quality over quantity still rules.


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