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The Who, Why, And How Of Twitter

Within a few short years, Twitter has become a mainstay of the social media landscape. Media outlets, businesses large and small, and people around the world are talking about it. But who’s really on the microblogging service? We explore who uses Twitter and how they use it in the infographic below.

70 Responses to “The Who, Why, And How Of Twitter”

  1. Alex Moreno Jr June 9, 2011

    Ok now how do you set up a twitter account

  2. good info-graphic… and according to me twitter is the best way to exchange ideas, information with the persons of all over world.

  3. Great graphic. I can never get enough of things like this. However this is how I would advise a business to interpret it:

    1: If 8% of Americans use Twitter then it’s not too late to figure it out for my business.

    2: With +182% in Mobile users. I need to piece-meal my business offering for quick consumption.

    3: If I understand that the generic user is a Female, Hispanic, 20-something, who attended college, lives in a city, and makes less than 30k. Then I need to remember I’m not targeting Old, Rich, White, Males in the Country. How does that change my dialog?

    4: Branding & Design needs to be more considerate to the feminine eye. Eg: Big luscious photography, rounded corners, subtle colour pallets. I need to stay away from dark, angular layouts and photography full of business clichés.

    5: The majority of uses are ‘keeping in touch’, ‘staying up to date’, ‘posting status updates’. Meaning little and often is the best strategy in order to build audiences and sustain relationships. Over-communication will just annoy.

    6: Twitter is used less for work than we’ll admit, hardly ever for ‘research’ and not really for much else. Twitter is too ‘instant’ and ‘trivial’ to do anything other than ‘touch-base’ with our network. I will use it sparingly.

    7: Everyone is trying out everything on it. It is too new to be sure what works and fails. There are no rules, except basic conversation ethics. I will not formulate new strategies or shift existing ones based on dialog there and interpret any engagement as ‘mildly interested, but not really that bothered either’ until the responder takes more specific action with the brand.

    8: Momentum is still building for Twitter – not even everyday checking is popular, yet. This means I can be present & active frequently and still not hit my ‘target’. Therefore, I should use non-specific dialog to raise brand awareness as a over all strategy. I will understand that impact will not be made with one tweet, unlike a print ad. Longevity & commitment is required.

    9: Identify my most prestigious / influential Follower(s). Focus on them for promotions and ‘hope’ they resonate to their followers. They may not. Alternatively, targeting the ‘average joe’ will be unexpected and may increase the likely-hood of sharing with their network. Again, they may not. I need to face these facts early and not let it influence my objectives.

    10: Companies are all over Twitter, meaning people are drowning in ‘messaging’. I need to side-step this broadcast approach and listen for the ordinary conversation by real people that have nothing to sell.

    11: 71% of tweets have no reaction. If I want engagement of any kind on Twitter, I need to do something different. If Marketing can’t come up with something different that creates instant results – I need to change my Marketing. I should sxplore emotional extremes. Love & Hate. Take a stance and be opinionated. I must create a reaction.

    12: These are US statistics and even if I do not operate there, I should understand this is probably very representative to my country, and how Twitter is global & I’m not in control of where my tweets end up. See point 8

    13: Just like the public, businesses are exploring Twitter, but only as a broadcast channel. Most are not being inventive and are pumping out Marketing noise. Customer service is the most measurable and effective use of my time.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

    • Peter Hansen August 7, 2012

      Thanks Mark, for posting your analytics and thoughts. To me they are as useful as the infographic.

  4. good infographic, Twitter is the best platform to share yourviews with the online community.

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