Why Aren’t Brands Accessing Online Video Ads?

Online video viewers’ attitudes of TV are changing. Today, 66% of online video viewers watch more online video now than they did a year ago. Among online video viewers 35% claim that online video has cut into their TV viewing. Perhaps most importantly to marketers, consumers skip more ads when watching TV than when watching online video. So, why aren’t brands accessing online video ads more?

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  • Rayjee

    In all honesty. I’ve been getting pretty sick and tired of advertisements. We came online to escape them.. Now they’ve tracked us down and shoved it down our throats more than ever before. I’m less likely to click an advertisement on my video than I am if it was on the side.

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  • andrew

    wait this infographic didn’t answer the question it posed.

    • Mike

      i think it was hypothetical

  • http://NBC.com Jim Dallas

    It’s really as simple as this. One ad on TV will generate a very large, knowable amount of people. When isolating ads to individual videos online your knowable audience dramatically shrinks. Youtube is only one of hundreds of sites people watch videos on. For most cases ad time is cut in half in online videos, and the quality of them can not be guaranteed. Knowing what videos will be popular is nearly impossible. Demographics are completely different online than on TV. You’ll get ads, just don’t expect them to be genuinely profitable until the generation in and finishing college right now are in their fifties.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/paikpara saiful

    very attractive and effictive

  • http://beesinternet.com Bees Internet

    Did not really answer the question, and – when I find a way of skipping those massively annoying ads that are on online videos – and usually unrelated to my needs – I will.