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Beautiful Responsive Ad on The Boston Globe

Early today I visited and was sent to Sure, we’ve heard a lot about the redesign already but I was excited to see how the leaderboard ad adapted beautifully to different screen resolutions. I grabbed some screen shots and wanted to share.

We’ve discussed responsive advertising in the past but it is always exciting to see it in the wild. If you’re able to read this post before the Boston Globe promotion ends in 9 days be sure to go check it out on

5 Responses to “Beautiful Responsive Ad on The Boston Globe”

  1. Few months ago I read somewhere that Google Adsense will make all their ads responsive, but I’m not sure whether they’re already been implemented. So far, from what I see from other blogs, Adsense is still not

  2. i guess they did a great job! and i guess adsense is not what we thought of! buysellads are way to go!

  3. Yes Buysell rocks its wroth for us. Responsive ads are good.

  4. Yes maybe google is working on the responsive ads and with new designs they will set accordingly, buysellads are more impressive though


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