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New Feature: Ad Sales Widget (Updated)

  • May 8th, 2012

There is a new “Ad Sales Widget” tool now available in all publisher accounts. The Ad Sales Widget allows you to drop your available ad inventory into your website’s “Advertise” page very easily. Here’s an example:

Advertise here page

It’s real-time so you will never have to update your Advertise page again. The widget has a strong call to action to help convert potential advertisers.

You can find this within your BuySellAds account for each property on the “Tools” page:

This is the first iteration of this feature, and while we have a few ideas of what we will be adding to the next version, please be sure to share any thoughts you have with us below.


We have added two options to hide the page title and page description that we include by default. We also changed the default sort on the zones such that sold out zones will always appear at the bottom.

These checkboxes are on the same page where you grab the widget code. All they do is append the widget URL with &title=false and/or &decs=false. So, if you already have the widget installed, you can either go to the tools page and grab the code again, or just append script URL in the widget with these options.