New Feature: Ad Sales Widget (Updated)

There is a new “Ad Sales Widget” tool now available in all publisher accounts. The Ad Sales Widget allows you to drop your available ad inventory into your website’s “Advertise” page very easily. Here’s an example:

Advertise here page

It’s real-time so you will never have to update your Advertise page again. The widget has a strong call to action to help convert potential advertisers.

You can find this within your BuySellAds account for each property on the “Tools” page:

This is the first iteration of this feature, and while we have a few ideas of what we will be adding to the next version, please be sure to share any thoughts you have with us below.


We have added two options to hide the page title and page description that we include by default. We also changed the default sort on the zones such that sold out zones will always appear at the bottom.

These checkboxes are on the same page where you grab the widget code. All they do is append the widget URL with &title=false and/or &decs=false. So, if you already have the widget installed, you can either go to the tools page and grab the code again, or just append script URL in the widget with these options.

  • Ognjen Knaus

    Nicee! :)
    It’s good to see all these stuff that makes our lives easier.

  • kevin chard

    Great works think ill have to test this out today!

  • Nadeem

    Very useful and thoughtful indeed.
    I have implemented it and it looks good.

  • Tom McCracken

    Curious, is there a way to make the “advertise here” link on a current ad spot direct to the custom advertise page?

    • Todd Garland

      not yet, but chances are we will figure out a way to add that. the tricky part is knowing whether or not the ad sales widget is installed. we’ll have to get some stats going on that to check if it’s installed and if so send the advertise here link over to that page.

      • Tom McCracken

        In the ad settings, maybe add an option under where the checkbox for activating the “advertise here” option, put a field for a custom url? Just an idea.

  • Prakash Thapa

    Thanks for the 2 new options to hide title and description.

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  • Mj

    I am highly disappointed with your support and the email which you send to publishers whose sites are not rejected. The email lists 5 things which all of them i satisfy properly and i can’t understand why it gets rejected everytime.

    Hope there is someone who can look upon and tell me teh exact issues from your team.

  • Dzyngiri

    I am highly impressed and satisfied with this widget from BSA…. We love you… Cheers!!!

  • Barbara

    The advertising widget is great! I just finished getting it installed today and am really happy with how easily it fits in.

    One question though, is there a way to change the color of the buttons and text to something besides green? Overall, it blends in nicely but I’d like to make it match my branding as much as possible.

    • Todd Garland

      Hi Barbara – yes, definitely. If you inspect element, you should be able to see we use “.bawi_cta a” as the CSS selector. So, to override our colors there, you would include something like “body .bawi_cta a{ [changes go here] }” in your style sheet.

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  • Melanie Wieland

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  • Ehab Attia

    Thanks, I like this tool very very much