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On Drawing Something, Mobile Jobseeking, Tumblr Timeline, and Twitter rumors

  • April 6th, 2012

Draw Something was the hit of the week. This drawing game has been downloaded around a million times a day since launch. That’s about 50 million downloads, and 6 billion drawings. If you’re not sure what’s all the fuzz about, Mashable tries to explain how the above mentioned ‘Draw Something’ is taking over the world.

Did you know that 50% of smartphone users use their phones instore today? This should give the high street some ideas. Soon! But it’s not only shopping, people also look for jobs on their mobile phones, as mobile jobseeking goes mainstream. No surprises here, some might say, but it looks like iPhone users rely on Wi-Fi more than Android users. However, this week it happened! It’s the moment all Android users have been waiting for: Instagram is now available on their phones. Also, in an attempt to correspond with a new focus on channels, YouTube announced a new ad model that will see the site attempt to monetize partnerships with Reuters, Sony and a few other companies. 

A Belgium-based company launched pay by click social commerce model, Tumblr launched Facebook Timeline, news feed and ticker integration, while Pinterest revealed its latest analytics tool: Pinerly. For those who still can’t find their way around the new Facebook, Spotify just came up with what may be the best use for the Timeline. However, according to studies quoted by ReadWriteWeb, brands see fan engagement drop in first month of Timeline.

Over the weekend, you might want to take a look at this list of habits of strategic thinkers, but also keep an eye on some Twitter rumors and what they could mean for brands. Have a good one!