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On Niche Social Networks, New Ad Metrics, Hot Events, and the Pulitzer

  • April 23rd, 2012

Let’s start with some great news for online journalism: The Huffington Post won its first Pulitzer Prize Monday – becoming the first online-only daily news website to do so.  As online journalism gathers momentum, citizen journalism flourishes too. Take Signal, a new app that lets you create the news and decide which story matters.

I can imagine that sometimes you’d love to… ‘unlike’ a post, but hold on in there, because pretty soon Facebook’s analytics tool for ads will measure actions other than ‘likes’. Careful though, as new research highlights the need for businesses to implement HR and IT social media policies. It looks like one in six organisations have fired an employee due to social media posts. So, get ready to face the Timeline with this complete guide to protecting your Facebook privacy. However, according to ReadWriteWeb, it’s not all mainstream social media networks out there, as we’re witnessing the rise of the niche social network.

More news from the Google camp this week. On Wednesday, it introduced a plan to measure online advertising that it hopes will become the industry standard. There is also a new way to unlocking interesting data from your Gmail account, and it’s called Gmail Meter.

More gossip than news, but it looks like Foursquare aims to launch a paid-media platform in mid-June and is pitching brands to become launch partners. Twitter proves it loves all smartphone users equally, as it has now extended its service to Blackberry devices, allowing businesses and brands to target RIM users alongside iPhone and Android users.

I know it’s weekend, but you might still want to open your agenda and find some place for these 5 hot new events in business, mobile, social media and more. To relax (sort of), check this New York Times article on ‘disruption’ (yep, something to do Instagram in there), it will teach why innovation isn’t easy, especially midstream. With the Olympics round the corner, Mashable came up with this infographic about how social media will change… the Olympics. Have a fab week!