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On The Unstoppable Social Media & The Dawn Of The Mobile Age

Our weekly roundup of developments in marketing, social media, dev, design, advertising and the like.

This week we came across even more confirmations that social media is getting bigger and that the growth of smartphones leads to a constant need for marketers to find new ways to connect with audiences on mobile devices. came up with a list of important trends that will continue to shape the ‘mobile’ space, while mapped the tools in the mobile development ecosystem. And, with 60 million Facebook users accessing apps through a mobile device (God knows how many other millions access other social media giants), “the third screen” is about to become the first screen, almost overthrowing TV and the desktop web.

About 62% of customers are looking for more support through social media and, on top of everything, P&G’s CEO told Wall Street that, basically, social media can be “more efficient” than the traditional media which usually eats most of their ad budget.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you better hurry. According to it will change website design forever, while believes it’s becoming the next big thing in social media for business. They even explain how. All this while some are still debating the merits of Facebook and Google +. Oh, and before I forget, Pinterest is the new addiction in town driving more traffic than LinkedIn and Google +.

So, if you haven’t done it already, it’s time you learn how to generate leads from social media. Obviously.

In the advertising realm, the online rules! Nothing new here, I know. But it looks like video advertising designed specifically for online can increase consumer purchase intent by 25%. We’ve also read that if you want people to return your emails, you’d better stay away from words like “confirm” or “join”, to name just two. For the Apple aficionados reading this on an iPad: we just found out that iPad 3 comes out with spring.

Last, but not least, somebody thought it would be fun to put together cool elevator ads. This is what they came up with.
Have an inspiring weekend!

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