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You Are Our New Interior Decorator

  • June 10th, 2013

We have desks, we have ridiculously comfy office chairs, and we even have a couch, which I may or may not be lounging on as I type… but there’s still one glaring issue with the new BuySellAds office (literally): these blinding, yawn-inducing white walls.

New BSA Office

BuySellAds has a vision of global domination in the world of internet advertising, and one of the best ways to stay focused on a goal is to have a visual of progress toward that goal, right?

To tackle these blank walls, and to provide ourselves with some visual aids, we need your help! Whether you’re an advertiser, publisher, or random person who shares the initials BSA (here’s looking at you, Bradley Sullivan Andersons of the world!).

Here’s the deal: Mail us a postcard from your part of the world, and in return we’ll send you a soft, comfy, and stylish BuySellAds t-shirt. ┬áIt’s a win-win for everyone, you get a new t-shirt and we get free art.

Send us a postcard with your name, address, and t-shirt size to our Boston office, and once it’s received, we’ll mail your apparel.

BSA Postcard

Has getting a free t-shirt ever been so easy? When picking out your postcard, remember that you’re decorating our office walls, so make them fun, pretty, and maybe even a bit informative on the place you call home.

186 South Street
6th floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02111