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We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the popular Designspiration job board to help leading companies find the best creatives in the market.

For the first time, you can now list a job and extend your audience in one place. With publications like Bootstrap, Carbon Ads viewers are the best in their class and are looking to learn. These are candidates you want to apply for your job.

Go check out the new Designspiration job board.


Monetizing Newsletters

We created the BuySellAds marketplace to simplify ad buying across websites. We’ve been working to bring this concept to all facets of online content monetization, and we have lined up a great option for newsletters.

Under BuySellAds we operate two networks that work together to create a newsletter monetization powerhouse, they include LaunchBit and Syndicate. Here’s now it works.


LaunchBit works for any size newsletter. We have an ad bidding system that works on a CPC model for advertisers. We offer two ad formats, a 125×125 + text (best CTR) and a 468×60.

Once you are approved, we dynamically load pre approved ads when each newsletter is open. Here’s an example of a recent newsletter with live LaunchBit ads.

To get started on LaunchBit, apply here.


Syndicate works well for larger newsletters. It allows you to sell sponsorships on a weekly or daily basis, depending on how often your newsletter is sent. Here’s an example of a couple of newsletters we have on Syndicate: Web Design Weekly &

You can set your own price, and specify exactly what you offer. If you’re not sure what that should be, we’re happy to help.

We offer the ability to block dates you’ve sold directly, have a great widget you can use to make sales on your site, and more. Read all about being a publisher here.

You can apply to Syndicate here.

LaunchBit + Syndicate = Powerhouse

As you can imagine, these work well in conjunction. If you don’t have a direct sponsor one week from Syndicate, you can plug into LaunchBit and fill the inventory. If your newsletter is too young for a direct sponsorship, ride LaunchBit to make money from your first email!

If you have any questions, drop us an email. We’d love to help you get the perfect setup rolling for your newsletter.

A New Messaging Platform

A few years ago we released the very first iteration of what we now call the BuySellAds Messaging Platform. It was a somewhat closed system that allowed advertisers to connect with publishers through the BuySellAds interface. Conversations had to be initiated by advertisers and connection requests accepted by publishers before messages could be exchanged between the two parties.

This system could stand to be improved, which is exactly what we have been working on for the last few weeks. Our goals for this revision are to open up lines of communication between publishers and advertisers, allow for more transparency, and make building business relationships easier.

The new version is now live!

Once you login to your BuySellAds account, you will notice a “conversation” icon in the top right of the red menu bar:

Conversations - Inbox

Clicking this icon will take you to your inbox – which works pretty much like your email inbox. You can read and reply to messages, archive them, or mark them as “abuse.” In the event you receive a message that you feel should have been directed at the BuySellAds support team, simply hit the “forward to support” button and we’ll take it from there.

From your inbox you will also be able to access your contact list where you can connect with anyone you have done business with in the past via the BuySellAds website. Publishers and advertisers are labelled as such so you can easily identify who you have purchased ads from and who you’ve sold ad space to.

Publishers and Advertisers - Contact List

When you visit your performance reports and ad detail pages in your BuySellAds dashboard, you will also notice a new “Contact” button next to the publisher or advertiser’s name. Clicking this button will open up a modal window. By default, you will be presented with a support form. Simply fill this out and someone from our support team will look into the issue.

Contact Support

Inside that same window, you also have the option to contact the publisher or advertiser directly, and those conversations will be displayed in your inbox.

Contact User

Please keep in mind that issues regarding statistical information, creatives, charges, fees and similar should be brought up with the BuySellAds support team, and not directly with other publishers and advertisers. We don’t allow random connections between users. You can only send and receive messages from users with whom you have already bought or sold ads.

If you would like to read more about the Messaging Platform, we have a complete knowledge base article that should answer many of your questions.

With all that said, we would love for you to share your thoughts on this messaging platform. Have you used it? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or email us directly and privately with your feedback.

Marketing is hard. We wrote an ebook.

Part of my job is to sell ads for our publishers. Over the last three years I’ve noticed a clear pattern. If you’re a good marketer, you have a good handle on your campaigns; you know how to optimize, you know how to test, and you know how to track.

However, each week I talk to a handful of folks who are looking to make a buy and really want to get advertising right, but don’t know the basics. I completely understand, as the advertising ecosystem is overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start.

So, I compiled everything I commonly explain to new marketers and came up with the outline for our recent ebook.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The Basics: Goals, leads, results
  • Where to Advertise: The top four online advertising channels
  • How to Do It: Landing page & display ad best practices
  • Measuring Up: Measuring KPIs, setting up conversion tracking, establishing budgets


After showing the ebook to a few folks, the positive feedback was overwhelming. We had a chance to interview real industry experts and share helpful insights. I’m really excited to be able to share this resources with future marketers I meet, and I hope you find value in it too.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

BuySellAds is a marketplace platform designed to make life easier for both publishers and advertisers. Today we released a feature that helps advertisers with faster checkout times, less mouse clicks, and more efficient organization.

We’re calling it Creative Library, which is exactly what it sounds like – a central place to see and organize all the creatives you’ve ever uploaded and bought through BuySellAds.



To get you started, we’ve already imported your previous creatives into the library. Check out the Creative Library link in the main advertiser menu.

One of the time-saving benefits of the library is the ability to reuse creatives again and again instead of having to re-upload and re-enter URL information every purchase.

If you are into analytics, then you’ll appreciate that destination URLs can be augmented with placeholder macros that help track of which site drove traffic to your landing page, even when using the same creative.

Here is the knowledge base article so that you can read up on all of the features of the Library.

We hope this improves your buying experience. As always, feel free to get in touch if you have questions or feedback.